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We foster blockchain technology adoption and development in Latvia

About LBAA

The Latvian Blockchain Association (LBAA) unites blockchain industry specialists whose cooperation has started in 2017.
LBAA is a non-profit organization that actively promotes the integration of blockchain technology into the economy of Latvia.

our areas of focus



Experts of the Association together with involved specialists develop the necessary regulatory basis for the industry and lobby its implementation in Latvia.



By uniting the experts in different questions related to blockchain and crypto industry, LBAA is a matchmaker of inquiries of the audience with the profile companies that have corresponding expertise.


Blockchain Academy

Association has developed and launched a free hands-on course on the blockchain development BlockchainHub Academy. The aim of the Academy is to prepare specialists for the blockchain industry in the country.



The Association fosters effective networking within the Latvian blockchain community and provides networking opportunities with representatives of the global blockchain ecosystem.



Aiming at raising awareness of the blockchain technology among the broad audience, the Association conducts free educational events, where industry experts share their knowledge and experience, revealing the most relevant topics.



The Association is a source of information and news about the Latvian and global blockchain industry and main events, LBAA shares blockchain-themed resource base.

“The blockchain solves
all the problems that we have of finance, but
more broadly, it’s like
a philosophy.
It’s a way of life.”

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Blokchain – the technology of the present

A competently built strategy for its implementation provides an opportunity to solve the problems of stagnant industries and spheres
of the Latvian economy. The main mission of the Association is the development of a multilateral dialogue, the result of
which will be a consensus in all areas of activity.